We sell Garments (Woven & Knit) and home textiles of Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Africa, South Korea and South America origins.


Garments Inspection


In case of knitted garments we start inspection from yarn. Once the yarn is in house then samples are drawn and tests are conducted.

The knitted fabric is inspected at grey & finished stages. Afterwards we inspect each process i.e. cutting, sewing, finishing & packing. In case of woven garments we start with inspection of finished fabric and other steps are same as knitted garments.


We do not follow any specified  standards.  Quality standards  are discussed with buyer at the time of contract. The standards vary from buyer to buyer.


After going  through in line  inspection following faults are inspected again before packing

Skip Stitch

Broken Stitch

Loose Stitch


Major Damages

P.U. Labels

Pressing Quality

Shade Variation

Washing Crease/Variation

Packing Standards

Packing Ratio


Final Measurements

Shipping Marks

Packing Material Quality




ISO 9001



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